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On this page we gather all refurbishing and modification projects on Acoustat

Brian Wallen (August 6, 2005): Roy Esposito at Sounds Like New does restoration work, specializing on Acoustat products, but also working on other brands. Most of us are impressed with products like those from Marantz and Macintosh that seem to be so well built that they run forever. These people seem to have cared that a product that bore their name was of very high quality. Roy's service seems to be in this mold. I feel especially comfortable sending him my Acoustat equipment, since he was part of Acoustat's engineering staff.

An example of Roy's service: Maybe five years ago, I sent him an Acoustat Trans-Nova amplifier, which he rebuilt. I had replaced it with a more powerful amp and hadn't used it in a year or so. When I connected it, I found one channel was dead. I sent a note to Roy and got an immediate response, walking me through diagnostic steps I could take to identify the problem. Fortunately, it was just a blown fuse that looked ok.

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Andy Szabo's Technical Bulletins
Acoustat owners are among the most lucky hifi enthusiast in the world. Who else can rely on having a former Acoustat engineer, designer and general manager like Andy Szabo and an Acoustat refurbishing expert like Mike Savuto to keep their beloved speakers alive? Andy has been answering questions of Acoustat owners for over four years now and since a year and a half Mike has joined forces to answer the questions for the oldest models.

Andy Szabo was an engineer and general manager for Acoustat, from 1985 (when acquired by Hafler), to the end of US production. He is available to answer questions, both technical and historical. His product knowledge is most complete for models produced after 1985, but he knows a good amount about older models, too. Mike Savuto's will answer the questions regarding the Model X, Monitor 3 and Monitor 4. His company Analogue Associates can refurbish and/or upgrade them.

All questions will be answered as promptly as possible. Before posting a new question, please check the section corresponding to your speaker model number. Your question may have already been answered. Also check the sections for similar models under the same main heading (for example, if you have a Model 2+2, check all the sections that use the same interface. You can ask your questions directly on the concerning models pages and we will try to answer them within a reasonable time.

Rather than answering frequently asked questions directly, Andy has chosen to write some general documents that will hopefully answer these questions, and provide much needed information to others. Many commonly asked questions are answered there:

General Model Information (by Andy Szabo)
Grille cloth removal, cleaning and replacement (by Andy Szabo)
Medallion transformer Modification (by Andy Szabo)
MK-121 Interface Versions (by Andy Szabo)
MK-121-X Low Frequency Transformer Tap (by Andy Szabo)
Popping Panels (by Andy Szabo)
Spectra Sectoring and Color Codes (by Andy Szabo)
Spectra series, Bass Equalization - transformer taps (by Andy Szabo)
Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply - When, Why & How, Wall transformers and Adjustment (by Andy Szabo)
Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply -Update Acoustat Spectra series (by Andy Szabo)
Ted Nugent vs. Spectra 1100 (by Andy Szabo)
Rehabilitation of a Spectra 4400 (november 2005 by Andy Szabo)

General Notes (by Bear, March 2002)
Notes on Acoustat (by Sean Bowes)
Tweak for electrostatic speaker owners (by Bob Blase)
The Medallion modification (by Kevin Ferry)
C-Modification, MK-121 Series (by Andy Szabo)
MK-121-2(A) Medallion "C" Modification Parts and upgrade wiring from the older to the newer medallion upgrade. It does not contain the schematic of the older 121-2A transformers.

Gary L. Thomas (January 10, 2012): I need some info on the power supply-especially the tapped wirewound resistor

Roy A. Esposito (September 6, 2013): Hello Friends --

This is just to let you know that my email contact
has recently changed. It seems AT&T/Yahoo could no
longer support my very old email address.
For those of you requiring fantastic restorations
and upgrading of Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and Acoustat Power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
my new email address is

(please notice the dots/periods between the words)

Email is the preferred method for initial contact with me
for Acoustat Service and questions.

Thank you for your continued friendship, kind comments and reviews,
and support of my work.

All the Best,
Roy A. Esposito

Tony Fasola (July 27, 2016): The Upholstery Shop in Arizona no longer supplies replacement socks for the Acoustats. Through Soundlab in Utah I found their source of speaker cloth to be "Guilford of Maine". Guilford recommends their DMD line and there is a selection of 15 colors if so desired. Very helpful customer service. The DMD line is available by the yard and 60" wide.
Good luck!

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